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Develop and promote a more positive and safe environment for the Dixie County youth as well as young adults and adults. By educating on the danger of alcohol and other drugs and by uniting people and services to assist in the prevention effort.


First, we gather data about drug use and consequences in our community, primarily where the issue affects the youth. Then, using this data along with surveys, focus groups and interviews, we determine which community risk factors can be reduced and which protective factors can be increased. We do not enforce drug laws or address individual drug use, but instead work to make changes within the community that would make drug use less likely, accessible, or socially acceptable.


Some of the main ways that we accomplish our goals
  • educating Dixie residents on the dangers and consequences of drug use
  • increasing awareness of non-drug alternatives
  • connecting people with the resources and services they need to stay healthy
  • encouraging policies that aim to reduce drug access in the community
  • promoting social norms that favor health, wellness and sobriety


Compliance Checks

Know The Law

It is your responsibility to know the law. Ignorance does not equal innocence.

As parents, we expect our youth to follow the laws, but how do they know what laws they must follow? Take a minute to think about how you know what is legal and what is not. Did anyone ever sit you down and go over it with you? And if they did, what about laws that have been passed recently? Laws about things like cyberbullying and sexting didn’t even exist a decade ago, and many things that were once considered youthful pranks can now result in severe sentences.

Environmental Scans

Responsible Vendor Training

Friday Night Done Right

It could be kickball, live music or a glow-in-the-dark sports night, but whatever the first Friday of the month is, it’s Friday Night Done Right including prizes, giveaways and snacks. Since most Dixie County teens — 77 percent — don’t drink alcohol when hanging out with friends, you can be sure this will be a safe environment to hang out and have fun!

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Executive Director

Freedom...God's Way!

Rebecca Fusco
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I look forward to serving you so you can focus on your clients.

Debby Sweem
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I am here to serve!


Coalition programs are made possible by contributions from our drug free community!

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