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Know The Law

Know The Law

It is your responsibility to know the law. Ignorance does not equal innocence.

As parents, we expect our youth to follow the laws, but how do they know what laws they must follow? Take a minute to think about how you know what is legal and what is not. Did anyone ever sit you down and go over it with you? And if they did, what about laws that have been passed recently? Laws about things like cyberbullying and sexting didn’t even exist a decade ago, and many things that were once considered youthful pranks can now result in severe sentences.

What is Know the Law?

This campaign, which involves a presentation and guidebook, presented to youth by a Law Enforcement Offer, is usually offered at school to Middle and High School students. It was created to help students and parents understand more about the laws that apply to youth, and the potential consequences for breaking them.

Why is Know the Law important?

Knowledge is power. Knowing the law can help youth make good decisions and avoid negative outcomes. It will also help them to understand their rights & responsibilities while learning to respect themselves and others.

How can I access Know the Law?

Call us today to find out more about Know the Law classes in our area or to schedule a class for any group of local youth who might benefit. Debby Sweem: (352) 210-2601

***COVID Notice: Social distancing requirements and other recommended precautions may result in changes to the way this campaign/ program is implemented. Virtual alternatives to in-person contact may be available. Please stay safe and contact us for details.