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Friday Night Done Right

Friday Night Done Right

It could be kickball, live music or a glow-in-the-dark sports night, but whatever the first Friday of the month is, it’s Friday Night Done Right including prizes, giveaways and snacks. Since most Dixie County teens — 77 percent — don’t drink alcohol when hanging out with friends, you can be sure this will be a safe environment to hang out and have fun!

What is Friday Night Done Right?

This is a campaign focused on promoting drug-free and alcohol-free youth events and activities throughout the community and celebrating the youth who choose to do “Friday Night Right”. Despite the misperception among many that drug and alcohol use is commonplace, the truth is that most of our youth consistently choose not to use drugs or alcohol when socializing. We believe it is a great thing that our youth are making good decisions and these decisions should be promoted and normalized!

Why is Friday Night Done Right important?

Unfortunately, our youth are constantly bombarded with advertising, movies and media that tries to associate alcohol and drug use with fun and happiness. Friday Night Done Right is a campaign to counter that false association and empower youth to experience real fun & happiness without the negative consequences of intoxication. These events also help youth build the much needed skills so that they can feel comfortable in social settings and confident in their decision to live drug and alcohol free.

Friday Night Done Right is more than just an event. It is a culture. It is a community. It is a way of thinking. It is a way of showing our youth that the community is committed to providing the safe spaces our youth deserve to socialize, unwind, have fun, party, and just be kids.

How can I access Friday Night Done Right?

If there are any youth, youth groups or youth serving organizations who would like to host a Friday Night Done Right, funding is available to help make it happen. Call the Coalition for details on what events and expenses qualify. Debby Sweem: (352) 210-2601

***COVID Notice: Social distancing requirements and other recommended precautions may result in changes to the way this campaign/ program is implemented. Virtual alternatives to in-person contact may be available. Please stay safe and contact us for details.