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Know The Law

It is your responsibility to know the law. Ignorance does not equal innocence.

As parents, we expect our youth to follow the laws, but how do they know what laws they must follow? Take a minute to think about how you know what is legal and what is not. Did anyone ever sit you down and go over it with you? And if they did, what about laws that have been passed recently? Laws about things like cyberbullying and sexting didn’t even exist a decade ago, and many things that were once considered youthful pranks can now result in severe sentences.

Environmental Scans

Friday Night Done Right

It could be kickball, live music or a glow-in-the-dark sports night, but whatever the first Friday of the month is, it’s Friday Night Done Right including prizes, giveaways and snacks. Since most Dixie County teens — 77 percent — don’t drink alcohol when hanging out with friends, you can be sure this will be a safe environment to hang out and have fun!

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