How Can I Help?

As a young man, I was very concerned about my family and was not concerned about our community. In my mind, as long as my family is safe, everyone can deal with their own problems. My world view was egocentric.

My life changed when I decided to go to college at age 34. My world view became ethnocentric as I developed my emotional quotient and started realizing the value of working with others. After four years of garnering an education, experiencing world diversity and developing my passion, my world view developed into world-centric outlook. I embrace and value diversity and engage with our community to bridge the gap between the silos we create. My passion is helping people which I would have never imagined before discovering my self-actualization.

How can I help you? I discovered that the first step to helping is being involved and developing relationships. The funny thing is that before I went to college and developed my emotional quotient, leadership skills and civic engagement, I did not want to help anyone and now, helping others be their best is my passion!

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